Formal documentation

Requirements Specification Language Definition

This document provides a conceptual overview, and defines coherent syntax and semantics for the Requirements Specification Language (RSL). This definition is required to aid the construction of accurate requirements specifications in the form of descriptive or model-based representations.

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ReDSeeDS Software Development Methodology

This document provides description of the ReDSeeDS software development methodology. The ReDSeeDS methodology consists of three main parts: (1) a precise notation – the Software Case Language (SCL), (2) a particular software development process and it’s pretailored variants and (3) Techniques with tool support provided by the ReDSeeDS Engine.

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ReDSeeDS Book

This book describes Case-Driven Software Development with ReDSeeDS – a comprehensive approach to produce and reuse model-based software cases. The book is intended primarily for the ReDSeeDS end-users.

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