ReDSeeDS tool

Take a glance at the ReDSeeDS tool by viewing our tutorials:

  ReDSeeDS User Guide (Polish only) – for versions 0.6.5 and 0.7.0
  ReDSeeDS User Guide (English) – for older versions
  ReDSeeDS User Guide (Polish) – for older versions
  Writing requirements in RSL
  Extracting application logic with ReDSeeDS-TALE
  Creation of a Software Case project
  Software Case browser basics
  Writing of use cases
  Advanced writing of use cases
  Validation and transformation
  Bug reporting
  4-tree view and slicing
  Reuse and querying
  Software Case merging
  The Domain Manager


ReDSeeDS methodology

When applying the ReDSeeDS approach in a software development project, the developers need guidance, especially for using the ReDSeeDS language, for model-driven development, for case-driven reuse, or for combinations of these. This guidance should be systematic and comes, therefore in the form of a development methodology. The hypertext representation of the ReDSeeDS methodology specified using the Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) is available here.