ReDSeeDS stable version 0.5.2 released

The ReDSeeDS system version 0.5.2 has been released. It offers new enhanced features over versions 0.4.x.

Version 0.5.2, ChangeLog, 24-July-2013

  • Core

    • Added support for requirements export to Enterprise Architect
    • Added extended support for notion and data types
    • Added support for action types
    • Added support for selection sentence types during scenario writing
    • Added generated code preview
    • Fixed problem with only partial execution of cancel changes for scenario editor
    • Fixed problem with "fixed" selection during drag and drop
  • Diagrams

    • Added support for move diagram between packages
    • Added support for displaying notion types
    • Added support for selection notion type from palete
    • Added support for creation elements from diagram context menu
    • Added support for validation of element relationship creation
    • Fixed error with ediors staying open for elements deleted from diagram
    • Fixed problem with elements positioning after multiple drop on diagram
  • TALE

    • Added option to autmatically generate "fetch data" sentences
    • Added support for recovery of notion, data and action types
    • Added wizards to create concepts from data views and data views from concepts
    • Added recovered scenario preview