ReDSeeDS stable version 0.4 released

The ReDSeeDS system version 0.4.0 has been released. It offers new enhanced features over versions 0.3.x.

Version 0.4.0, ChangeLog, 25-April-2013

  • Core

    • Extended tool configuration possibilities
    • Added new notion types
    • Added repair project option in case of lost terminology server data
    • Fixed bug causing problems with loading model after manually addition of notions based on an existing nouns
    • Fixed automatic assignment of meanings for sentences containing both determiner and modifier
    • Fixed bug causing problems while adding notions without active terminology server connection
    • Fixed bug causing problems while removing indirect object from SVOO sentences
  • Diagrams

    • Fixed bug causing problems while deleting multiple notions at once
    • Added new functionality of attaching notes to diagram elements
    • Fixed bugs related to undo/redo
  • TALE

    • Added recovery of data selection sentence
    • Added extended support for recovering GUI elements with duplicate names
    • Fixed bug related to sentence numbering while moving scenario
    • Fixed bug causing the loss of recovered scenarios after running a transformation
    • Added support for duplicate invocation sentences during recovery
    • Added support for recovery of MS Windows applications