ReDSeeDS stable version 0.3 released

The ReDSeeDS system stable version 0.3.0 has been released after over a year of intensive implementation and testing. It offers new enhanced features over versions 0.2.x.

The system now introduces convenient graphical editors for RSL use case diagrams and notion diagrams. It also improves editing capabilities for scenarios and notions. The SVO editor now handles automatic sense assignment thus reducing the need to assign senses manually. The new ReDSeeDS release introduces a completely new transformation to code – the RSL models are automatically transformed to fully functional Java code with fully generated application logic layer code (including method bodies). Also, the user interface layer is fully generated, with code for presenting forms and handling user-evoked events (button presses etc.). The generated UI complies with the Echo framework and thus makes the generated applications available through any web browser and installable in a cloud environment.