Application Logic Patterns – an important extension to RSL

An application of patterns in the development of software is a common practice used towards reduction of costs and improvement of product quality. Reoccurring schemes can be also utilized in the area of systems functionality and flow of control, but reuse of such patterns is currently infrequent. By developing Application Logic Patterns we try to fill this gap.

Application Logic Patterns are based on RSL and define generalised sequences of interactions performed by the system and its users in the context of an abstract problem domain. The patterns can be easily instantiated by substituting abstract domain notions with the notions specific to a given domain. The patterns are organised into a library which is to be fully supported by the ReDSeeDS engine.


The process of ALP instantiation with the help of the ReDSeeDS tool

The idea of Application Logic Patterns was described in details in a paper entitled "Application Logic Patterns – Reusable Elements of User-System Interaction" by Albert Ambroziewicz and Michał Śmiałek.