The ReDSeeDS project came to a successful end

The final review of the ReDSeeDS project took place on 4 December 2009 in Brussels.

The reviewers agreed that ReDSeeDS is

Good to excelent project (The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations)

Here are fragments of the executive summary from the review report:

The project was managed and conducted in a proper way. The participants were strongly motivated and involved into the project. Most of the teams’ members were present at every review periodic meetings. Their expertise was complementary and fit very well in the scientific context of the project.

The objectives scheduled for the project have been achieved in the financial and staff resources context. Minor amendment in terms of work-months was made due to some extension of the scope of the project coming from the need of additional elements to be added [..]

The scientific aspect of the results is sound in terms of the beyond the state-of-theart progress. Project output and management was of high quality. The project was well structured, correctly conducted and deadlines have been met with respect to the original agenda, except of the extension of the scope of the project which had appeared at the final stage of it.

Final deliverables are of good technical quality. They were put into public domain. Project results have been presented at different scientific and professional international forums (conferences, publications) [..]


Many thanks to all the ReDSeeDS partners for their contribution and commitment that led to the final success of the project!