The initial prototype of the ReDSeeDS Engine is ready

ReDSeeDS Engine is a tool which supports development process using ReDSeeDS-specific languages and methodology. It facilitates creation of RSL-compliant requirements models, allows for tracing the vast arrays of links between the requirement and SCL-compliant design artefacts, performs automatic transformations of requirements models into architecture and detailed design models and allows for finding similar software cases.

The main parts of the Engine are:

  • Eclipse-based integration platform;
  • RSL Editor for describing Requirements;
  • SDSL Editor for describing Architecture and Detailed Design;
  • Transformations that make development process much faster, and allow for easier reuse;
  • Query engine for finding similar Software Cases;
  • Common data model for all parts of the engine.

The ReDSeeDS Engine is a complete product build on the software industry renowned Eclipse Platform. Eclipse is an open source development platform providing components for creation of stand-alone applications. Such applications are based on a dynamic plug-in model. The layout and function of the Eclipse-based application is under fine-grained control of its developer, but also a subject to easy customisation by an end-user.

ReDSeeDS tool components are implemented as Eclipse platform plug-ins: some of them contribute to the UI-tier (and built using Eclipse toolkits), others contribute to business and application logic of the application. By the use of the Eclipse platform, all ReDSeeDS tools are integrated into one complete solution (and a stand-alone client application). A sample windows of the ReDSeeDS Engine are shown in figures below.