The first version of the ReDSeeDS Methodology is ready

Activities on formulating the first version of ReDSeeDS Methodology – a part of the ReDSeeDS project, has been completed.

The main goal of this task was to enclose all rules and guidelines how to use the ReDSeeDS in a systematic and consistent methodology. The ReDSeeDS methodology consists of three main parts:

  • A precise notation – the Software Case Language (SCL),
  • Particular software development processes and
  • Techniques with tool support provided by the ReDSeeDS Engine.

The ReDSeeDS approach heavily builds on tool support. That is, introducing the ReDSeeDS
approach has effects on the current software development practice and implies to become acquainted with a new tool. In order to reduce the learning effort, the information on “What-to-do” and the information on “How-to” do it were tightly coupled in the methodology description.