The first version of Software Case Language is ready

Very important element of the ReDSeeDS methodology – Software Case Language (SCL) – is defined. SCL is a major facilitator of reuse concept in the ReDSeeDS project.

Software reuse in ReDSeeDS is case-based, where a reusable case is a complete set of closely linked (through mappings or transformations) software development technical artefacts (models and code), leading from the initial user’s needs (requirements) to the resulting executable application. Software cases in ReDSeeDS are described in Software Case Language (SCL).

SCL can be used to model all artifacts in a software case. These artifacts may be requirements, architectural models, design models, source code and model transformations between these artifacts. Thus, SCL must be capable to represent all these artifacts and relationship mappings.

The set of languages is used to model those artifacts. For every kind of artifact, one language is picked as an example in the ReDSeeDS project. SCL creators have taken into account, that different software developers use different languages during the software lifecycle. One of the main goals of SCL is not to restrict those engineers into utilising a language they do not use in everyday practice. Instead of this, engineers should be able to extend SCL to incorporate every language they need. This is supported by a metamodel-driven approach where every language which is defined by a metamodel can be integrated into SCL.