International Workshop on Model Reuse Strategies MoRSe 2006

Since general software reuse still does not fulfil its promise, this workshop will seek for novel reuse strategies associated with model-driven development. The major objective of this workshop is to find ways for comprehensive reuse from requirements over architecture and design to code. This includes seeking for understandable yet precise requirements models, methods to link requirements with design models and code, and retrieval languages that allow for reuse of whole "software cases". The workshop should end with recommendations for a consistent and comprehensive model reuse framework that supports reuse even from the requirements level.

The workshop will concentrate on topics associated with organization of comprehensive reuse frameworks consisting of requirements-driven development methods (precise specification languages and processes for the “how-to”), a repository for reuse and tool support for such repositories. In order to meet the above objective, the workshop will concentrate on combining approaches from requirements engineering, meta-modelling, model transformation and querying and inference techniques.

The participants of the workshop will try to find ways to organize comprehensive frameworks (languages, tools, methodologies) that support reuse of models starting from models of requirements and ending with models of code. The starting point to the discussion will be short positions of participants presented during the workshop.

The workshop will be co-located with the SET’06 conference and will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on 17 October 2006.

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