Version 0.6.3 with ReDSeeDS User Guide is available

The ReDSeeDS User Guide is now available for download. It presents the most important elements of the RSL editor and the code generator. It also discusses the generated code and how to update it to obtain a working application. The guide is available in PDF from the Tutorials section of this site and in HTML from the main page. It is compatible with the newest versions of ReDSeeDS (0.6.2, 0.6.3).

Application Logic Patterns – an important extension to RSL

An application of patterns in the development of software is a common practice used towards reduction of costs and improvement of product quality. Reoccurring schemes can be also utilized in the area of systems functionality and flow of control, but reuse of such patterns is currently infrequent. By developing Application Logic Patterns we try to fill this gap.

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That’s not all, Folks!

Although the ReDSeeDS project has been officially closed, we are not going to shelve it. The Warsaw University of Technology Team have plans for further improvement and development of ReDSeeDS. All news will be announced on this website.